Saturday, June 11, will be the last Saturday on which orders are invoiced or shipped. Thereafter all orders placed or payments received after 5:00PM Eastern on Friday will be processed the following Monday.

Other News! I believe we have eliminated the individuals responsible for the attacks on our website and business, though I have a couple more suspects, but plenty of ammo. If we have no further interruptions through June 30, the website will remain up indefinitely. If we have more interruptions, I will go hunting again! 

Do not worry if you do not receive an invoice immediately. I now invoice at 8:00AM. 12:00PM, and 8:00PM. Orders will be shipped same day if paid by 3:00Eastern time(Mon-Fri)

We set up a website for pet products, and that site accepts PayPal payments as all products were approved in advance. for pet wormers, ear/eye drops, flra/tick collars, and other necessities


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 A huge THANK YOU! to my loyal customers. If I can help you in any way , please send a note.