Shameless family business plug- My granddaughter has set up a website for non-prescription products for humans and some pet treatments, as well as pimping out her dad's charter fishing trips. Check

10% of all sales go to Dog Rescue Groups- New Horizon Dog Rescue, Bull Terrier Rescue of VA, Bullmastiff Resuers.

Shipping- There is now a $2.50 shipping charge for orders under $30.00. All orders of $30.00+ will be shipped USPS First Class at no charge, and orders of $70.00+ will ship Priority Mail at no charge. Shipping options are now on the second page at checkout.

Express Mail is no longer offered since the failure to deliver rate topped 50% the week of Oct 10-16, 2014.

All products are labeled and sold for aquarium/ornamental fish use only; NOT for human or veterinary use

All products IMPORTED from countries that DO NOT wish to destroy us; shipped from U.S.A.

I am not a fish expert. For guidelines regarding treatment, see University Of Florida guidelines-